La vera luce è amore

La vera luce è amore

E’ antica la nostra ricerca
un soffio che viene da lontano
con passi esitanti per attendere
chi prende la nostra piccola mano
Ma in noi il senso del perduto
e nulla ci basta, il percorso continua ancora

In questo silenzio
è solo il battito del cuore
che segna la mappa
di un itinerario antico
di questo senso di vuoto
per la vera luce è amore

21.02.2011 Poetyca

The true light is love

It is ancient, our research
a wind that comes from afar
with hesitant steps to wait
Who takes our little hand
But we lost the sense of
and nothing there is enough, the path continues

In this silence
is just the heart beat
which marks the map
of an ancient route
This sense of emptiness
for the true light is love

21.02.2011 Poetyca

2 thoughts on “La vera luce è amore

  1. Beautiful.

    The true love is within you
    If you can’t find that love then you can’t give love.
    You then can only receive love as an infant who hasn’t grown up.
    When you have mature love you can give and let the other walk away because you know you don’t have to be cared for anymore

    Mi piace

    • Thank you so much dear Sherryl – Annette
      for your react: to love is important to have it and to share it.
      When we can found it is possible to get indipendent way and not to have possessive way.

      Peace and Harmony to you

      Mi piace

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