La musica tace

La musica tace

nella scatola
tu non mi guardi più
ed io ripongo
il mio abito
da ballerina
Il mio tutù
mi ha accompagnata
e nelle attese
di un gesto
o un sorriso
Stacco dal soffitto
anche l’ultima
stella di cartone
mentre la realtà
tutta la stanza
e la musica tace

04.08.2017 Poetyca

The music is silent

in the box
You do not look at me anymore
and I put in it
my dress
by dancer
My tutu
accompanied me
in a incessant
and waiting
of a your gesture
or a your smile
I take off from the ceiling
even the last one
cardboard star
while reality
the whole room
and the music is silent

04.08.2017 Poetyca


3 thoughts on “La musica tace

  1. Many thanks dear Didi. Sometimes a little realism is also needed in a poem because life is not just a beautiful dream and as you say is better to be prepared. Real feelings arise from consciousness and not to replace a feeling of emptiness. Only then dance and music are best and sincere. A smile

    Mi piace

  2. Dear Dany

    Sometimes we cannot see the look behind sun-glasses, eyes that need to be protected in sunshine-situations – but the look is possibly the same when the glasses are taken off and we look again… 🙂 and music starts in the hearts dancing on the floor of dreams

    Nice poem – have a great time

    Mi piace


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