Tao Te Ching X : Saper agire

X : Saper agire

Preserva l’Uno dimorando nelle due anime:
sei capace di non farle separare?
Pervieni all’estrema mollezza conservando il qi :
sei capace d’essere un pargolo?
Purificato e mondo abbi visione del mistero:
sei capace d’esser senza pecca?
Governa il regno amando il popolo:
sei capace di non aver sapienza?
All’aprirsi e al chiudersi della porta del Cielo
sei capace d’esser femmina?
Luminoso e comprensivo penetra ovunque:
sei capace di non agire?
Fa vivere le creature e nutrile,
falle vivere e non tenerle come tue,
opera e non aspettarti nulla,
falle crescere e non governarle.
Questa è la misteriosa virtù.


Can you keep the unquiet physical-soul from straying, hold fast to the unity and middle, and never quit it?

Can you, when concentrating your breath, make it soft like that of an infant?

Strive after less tainted perfection, let it be aided by penetrating insight. So wipe and cleanse your vision of the mystery till all is without blur.

Can you love the people and rule the land, yet remain unknown?

Can you in opening and shutting the heavenly gates, ever play the feminine part?

Can your mind penetrate every corner of the land, but you yourself never interfere? Can you renounce the grosser mind for comprehending all inside knowledge?

Produce things and rear well,

But never lay claims to such things –

Control them, never lean on them.

Rely on some innate ability to act well.

Be a sort of master among others, just refrain from mismanaging.

Here is found the essential Tao prowess. Feats like these suggest what Tao power is at bottom, and its deep, mystic virtue.


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