Archivio | 29/01/2018

Sotto le stelle

Sotto le stelle

Un altro squarcio
nella linea del tempo
richiamo di vita
ed eco distanti
Vorrei danzare a pelo d’acqua
come ninfee cullate
dalla brezza del cuore

Nulla ferma questo suono
memoria ed immagini
pronte a tornare
nella mente senza distanze
Nenia soffice al profumo di rose
espande sorriso
sotto le ultime stelle

10.07.2012 Poetyca

Under the stars

Another gash
in the time line
recall of life
and distant echo
I would dance on the water
like water lilies rocked
by the breeze of the heart

Nothing stops this sound
memory and images
ready to return
distances in the mind without
lullaby soft to the scent of roses
expands smile
under the last stars

10.07.2012 Poetyca

Incanto perenne

Incanto perenne

Impalpabile e tangibile
vera ed effimera
come un sogno che s’innesta
dove la mente crea il reale sentire
Vita e Forza
in sottili palpiti d’Amore
che come magnete
sono soffio e richiamo
di un soffice incanto
che catapulta
in altro confine
che non è sogno
ma dell’Anima danza
che ancestrale
per sempre incanta

30.10.2011 Poetyca

Perennial charm

Intangible and tangible
real and ephemeral
like a dream which is grafted
where the mind creates the real feel
Life and Strength
in subtle beats of Love
and as a magnet
breath and recall are
a soft enchantment
that catapults
in other border
that is not a dream
but the Soul dance
that ancestral
for always enchanted

30.10.2011 Poetyca




come sospiro
dal profondo del cuore
Senza radici appaiono
in un tremito
figlio della manifestazione
Blackout inaspettato
nel seguire arcani disegni
snodando il senso
di percorsi sconosciuti
E’ solo attimo
volo leggero
a colorare il silenzio
come nuove parole

15.09.2015 Poetyca


as sigh
from the deep of heart
Without roots it appear
in a trembling
son of the event
Unexpected blackout
in following hidden designs
in manifestate  sense
of paths unknown
It is ‘only moment
light flight
to color the silence
as new words

09/15/2015 Poetyca

Tao the Ching XXIX

Tao the Ching XXIX – NON AGIRE

Quei che volendo tenere il mondo
lo governa,
a mio parere non vi riuscirà giammai.
Il mondo è un vaso sovrannaturale
che non si può governare:
chi governa lo corrompe,
chi dirige lo svia,
poiché tra le creature
taluna precede ed altra segue,
taluna è calda ed altra è fredda,
taluna è forte ed altra è debole,
taluna è tranquilla ed altra è pericolosa.
Per questo il santo
rifugge dall’eccesso,
rifugge dallo sperpero,
rifugge dal fasto.

Those that would gain what is under heaven by tampering with it – I have seen that they do not succeed.
For that which is under heaven is like a holy vessel, dangerous to tamper with. Those that tamper with it, harm it. Human go-between is likely to fail. Those that grab at it lose it. Who makes can spoil well; who holds can lose.
Among creatures of this world some lead and some follow. Some things go forward among creatures: some go in front, some follow behind –
Some blow out, some blow in; some blow out while others would blow in.
Some are feeling vigorous just when others are worn out. Some are strong, some are weak.
Some are loading just when others would be tilting out. Some can break, some can fall.
So the wise man discards excess, extravagance, and ridiculous pride: He discards even the absolute, the all-inclusive, the extreme.

Empatica via

Empatica via

là è un luogo
senza luogo
dove arrivi
in un istante solo
invisibili pareti
perchè per te
non esistono confini
senza chiavi
a chiudere le porte
senza segrete combinazioni
perchè abbracci tutto
nell’estensione infinita
di un cuore che tutto raccoglie
e a tutto risponde
con lo stesso ritmo
con la stessa gioia
dipinta in colori
o con la stessa
grigia malinconia
che graffia l’anima
senza chiedere permesso

01.01.2011 Poetyca

Empathyc way

There is a place
where did you come
in a single moment
invisible walls
because for you
there are no boundaries
to close the doors
no secret combinations
because it embraces all
infinite extension
a heart that everything picks
and responds to all
with the same rhythm
with the same joy
painted in colors
or with the same
melancholy gray
that scratches the soul
without asking permission

01.01.2011 Daniela Poetyca

Questa mattina

Every morning, life begins again …

On the move … always

It grows … reborn,

becomes … It enlarges.

life flourishes … Every morning ..

extends his arms towards the sky …

expands. Every morning …

life manifests itself …. look its like …

is located … it gives …

appears … in different forms.

appearances in thousands of … …

Different and wonderful … it always reinvents itself

the miracle forever … Commencement …

Of a new day.

God answers prayer in three ways: 1. “Yes 2. “Wait, 3. “I have something betterfor you

Probably you’re going through a sad time, but God will respond in a way that you still do not conceive.

They asked me to find four people because God wants to bless.
I chose you. It is your turn four people who seeks God wants to bless.

We continue to pray for one another. Here is a prayer:

Father, I ask you to bless my friends, my family and those who know.
Give them a new revelation of Your love and Your greatness.

I sent this message to more people, you can too, because it is better to be more grateful and less whining.

Heavenly Father, this morning, my bed was warm and I did not want to wake up,get up there. I wanted to stay there and not worry about anything. But I thought it was not right …

Because millions of people would love to be in my place, get up and gosomewhere. These people have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. This morning,Father, I thank you for the good night and I warmed up the blanket.

for food, for the new day of work and especially for this new day of life. Bless myfriends and my enemies, because they need you. Bless my friend who reads this message.

♥ I bless the one who sent me this message. I wish. I embrace you, God bless yourichly. Send this message quickly to as many people as possible. Soon, many will pray for you. May God bless you! ♥