Questa mattina

Every morning, life begins again …

On the move … always

It grows … reborn,

becomes … It enlarges.

life flourishes … Every morning ..

extends his arms towards the sky …

expands. Every morning …

life manifests itself …. look its like …

is located … it gives …

appears … in different forms.

appearances in thousands of … …

Different and wonderful … it always reinvents itself

the miracle forever … Commencement …

Of a new day.

God answers prayer in three ways: 1. “Yes 2. “Wait, 3. “I have something betterfor you

Probably you’re going through a sad time, but God will respond in a way that you still do not conceive.

They asked me to find four people because God wants to bless.
I chose you. It is your turn four people who seeks God wants to bless.

We continue to pray for one another. Here is a prayer:

Father, I ask you to bless my friends, my family and those who know.
Give them a new revelation of Your love and Your greatness.

I sent this message to more people, you can too, because it is better to be more grateful and less whining.

Heavenly Father, this morning, my bed was warm and I did not want to wake up,get up there. I wanted to stay there and not worry about anything. But I thought it was not right …

Because millions of people would love to be in my place, get up and gosomewhere. These people have nothing to eat and nothing to wear. This morning,Father, I thank you for the good night and I warmed up the blanket.

for food, for the new day of work and especially for this new day of life. Bless myfriends and my enemies, because they need you. Bless my friend who reads this message.

♥ I bless the one who sent me this message. I wish. I embrace you, God bless yourichly. Send this message quickly to as many people as possible. Soon, many will pray for you. May God bless you! ♥


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