Le nostre parole

Le nostre parole 

I Sufi ci consigliano di parlare soltanto quando le nostre parole sono riuscite a passare attraverso tre cancelli.

Al primo cancello ci chiediamo: “Sono vere queste parole?”.
Se lo sono, le lasciamo passare; se non lo sono, le rimandiamo indietro.
Al secondo cancello, ci domandiamo “Sono necessarie?”.
All’ultimo cancello invece chiediamo: “Sono gentili?”

Eknath Easwaran

Our words

The Sufis advise us to speak only after our words have managed to pass through three gates.

At the first gate we ask ourselves; “Are these words true?”
If so, we let them pass on; if not, back they go.
At the second gate we ask:” Are they necessary?”
At the last gate we ask: Are they kind?”

Eknath Easwaran

6 thoughts on “Le nostre parole

  1. Thank you my dear Dany, i am grateful to your deep looking into this matter.

    What we can do to improve ourselves in our human development?

    01.) Analyzing ourselves self-critically
    02.) No violence in thoughts, words and deeds
    03.) To develop compassion, love, kindness and receptivity
    04.) To be true to ourselves and others
    05.) To bear responsibilty
    06.) To make the right choice
    07.) To be one with all
    08.) To have confidence in us
    09.) Respect to oneself and others
    10.) Help others and share with others

    In this connection i also would like to share a poem of mine:

    “Man know thyself”

    My friend dont be afraid
    Your heart with shadows plays
    Attached, anchored to them
    You know the light?
    Where shadows flee
    But you are not shadow
    Have a look in you
    And find what you are

    My friend dont be afraid
    You are not reflection of light
    You are light
    Anchore you heart in light
    And everything is light
    Leave away the toys of darkness
    And begin to see who you are

    My friend dont be afraid
    Accept what you are
    Embrace your imperfection
    Have compassion with your past,
    With yourself, to have campassion
    With your living moments
    And begin to see the light in you

    My friend dont be afraid
    Leave the thoughts and mind
    And live in peace and harmony
    As a gift beyond ego, selfishness
    Love yourself to love others
    Forgive yourself to forgive others
    Forget what was, remain in present light

    My friend understand what you are
    And no fear will be attached to you
    Understand the mind and let it work for you
    For you are love and light
    A selfless service to man and mankind
    I embrace you my friend with all compassion
    With all my love to remind you
    Of what you really are…
    Its time to wake up…

    Silent Heart, 31.01.2010

    I embace you deep in my heart and also wish all readers
    a good journey in their lives
    Silent Heart

    "Mi piace"

    • Thanks my dear Silent Heart:
      Perhaps the first thing to learn is to look for this space
      where mirror our heart, where to find the true essence
      of ourselves, away from contamination, pressures and expectations that make us the only repeater fears of others or others’ anger, a sounding jams that much more important that a mechanism is in our knowing how to express the core of our Being Love .
      How we can be instruments of love and harmony if we are locked in the prison of our conditioning?

      Then you need to break, brick by brick the wall that we built ourselves into the belief of having to defend a horrible world.
      But what do we do? Instead of welcoming the Light we continue to walk the dark streets with broken wings.
      We do not allow ourselves to fly.

      Thank you for your poem, a beautiful exhortation to live with awareness.

      A hug from heart to heart

      "Mi piace"

  2. My dear Dany, dear reader,

    Thank you very much. I agree with you that only we can make the necessary steps and bear responsibility. However, there are many poeple using words only to appear and are not willing really to practise of what they say. They are therefore in contradiction and in a non-balancing act between what they say and what they do and contribute confusion and mixture to themselves and others.

    Gurus, spiritual teachers, competent Masters, their light beams can still be felt in their words and can serve us as a torch to find and brighten up our way. They are not dead and will never die but still enrich our presence with their radiation. They came to mankind to help us, to remind us of our purpose of life and to solve the riddle of death…

    All competent Masters came to give us hints and suggestion. When we travel to a foreign country a guide who knows this country can help us… But when we go into the jungle of the world, a world which we don’t know so much, we can be sure that we will be bitten by poisonous snakes or get into troubles by other unknown animals and plants

    So to be ignorant to the teachings of Buddha, Kabir, Sant Kirpal Singh, Guru Nanak, Jesus Christ; Maulana Rumi and many more: it is arrogance of our mind that we don’t need them, but they can be a milestone in our own development and they can be a good map, a guide to our way… without we will go astray… Or do we rely on other people’s opinion that have a vague idea where to go? So that a blind leads a blind? Then why not trusting those who have discovered the jungles and marked them into a map? Don’t we trust a pilot that brings us with his plane to the destination we want to go to?

    To understand our physical world we have us in the reflections of each other. This is what Masters of all times gave us too. And we can only understand it when we enter the path of spirituality. To enter it means to be open to oneself, to learn to understand oneself and understand also the laws with which we are surrounded and contained. such as the karmic law and the law of grace. if we don’t know this small alphabet on the beginning of the spiritual way, we will not make progress and lose us in the mind and mind games. Do we know the purpose of our life? Do we know where we come from, where we have to go when leaving the body?… we can get to know this all when we develop love and receptivity for God, love for oneness and unity with discipline, right understanding, and following the footprints of all competent Masters in different times to solve the riddle of death and life. It is a journey to discover that we are not the body but that we can rise above body consciousness and see that we consist of more than the physical body that we are also astral body, causal body, super-causal body…until we rise above as pure souls to the place of pure consciousness (Such Khand, Void, Great Emptiness) no longer mixed with the matter. But if we deny this all in ignorance, we will not make progress and lose ourselves in the laboratory of the mind.

    Sufferings are “mirroring walls” which we have touched in violence coming back to us to help us to adjust ourselves in harmony again.

    If the mind tries to find answers by means of the mind…where it will end?…

    It is necessary to analyze ourselves, otherwise it is impossible to learn about ourselves and make any progress. Why wise men became wise? what is the sense of making experience if not to assimilate and digest what life has taught us? So with honesty we can see in ourselves and reflect in accordance to our doings to make human progress. Without analyzing we will fall in the endless traps of the mind. When we are the cause of suffering due to our mind, then it is necessary to think what we can do to change it and therefore all competent Masters and wise teachings tell us to be without violence in thoughts, words and deeds. So as you shout, so the echo comes back… it is a law. So how to come to love, to release it from the endless layers of of the mind that darkens this light of love in us? It is a life long struggle to see clearly all the tricks of the mind in us, to understand them and us, to understand that we are all one in Him in the divine action and will. Then slowly it is possible to develop compassion and love for us, for God for all our brothers and sisters. As long we are the doers, it is our mind and ego that separates us from the divine actions and doings. When we are one, who is then the doer? The drop or the ocean? How easy it is to say: We are love…but what we do to be love? Only open our mouth to say it without living it practically? When we empty us from our mind and live like a sun-ray to give love and light to everyone without asking, living in the love of God, living in every moment in this love, we become tools, mouth and hands, heart of God, to have respect to all, to live love, to be love in oneness with the whole creation.

    May we all learn in a better way that love in the world is not just a word but light to embrace us all.

    Thank you my dear Dany for your attention and patience.
    A big hug from the bottom of my heart.
    Silent Heart

    "Mi piace"

    • Thank you my dear Silent Heart
      I believe that inside every person is a written law, a way of life and understand when something is creates a very uncomfortable and when we feel harmony within us and inner peace.
      Cause we are all part of Peace, Ligth, Love and Compassion,
      but for many different reasions we forgotten our true nature and we all can follow dark way.

      It is therefore not the religion, the written rules or a way to distinguish one street from a different, there is no competition between a teacher and another but you must understand and above all experience the essence of all that is Love.

      Love and do not possession
      Love and do not expectations
      Love and not competition.

      Open ourselves to make this seed is blooming live moment by moment a practical path, true and profound tool that makes us love them.

      If we go to look for traces of what the great sages, teachers or people have left full of inner beauty, I am sure that these are traces of love.

      When we are able not to harm ourselves and others, when they procure harmony and follow those laws that have deep respect and attention to give unconditional love, then, without a lot – we are on the right path, one where the underlying forces of abandon the ego and have our way and we can live with Light and Love.

      A hug from heart to heart
      Valuta la traduzione

      "Mi piace"

  3. Dany, my dear friend

    Yes, these are tools to control our mind and if we don’t control it, it will control us. Pressing us to speak, write and do things uncontrolled in an untrue way and even maybe in an hurting way. Where our pride and arrogance of knowing things better than others is prevailing, like to be in competition with them, we will find us lost in the labyrinth of the mind, unable to see clearly ourselves what we really do. We should honestly ask ourselves why we use these words or talks or actions, reactions, what motives they have? If we openly declare in such a way that we know what is love, who or what is God and lift the moralistic finger against others, we can be sure that our mind is speaking uncontrolled. It is so easy to mix all and put all in the same pot, but as gardener we have to know, as you said earlier my dear Dany, what are our real plants and what is the weed in our garden, to weed it out to protect our plants and flowers that can easily be spoilt by the weed. It is easy to say we are love, we are a drop of the Ocean Almighty. Yes it is true, but in doing so we forget our controlling mind that prevents us from being this love in our daily life. It is like a wild beast that is oriented to the ego. It comes with thousand tricks and is like a 1000 headed hydra. If you cut one head, more heads will grow. And it even tells us: “We are a good person, we know what is love, poor other people… they don’t know…” So it involves us in appearances and masks. But let us look around: Thousand and thousands of people “know” love, behave like they were good persons in permanent appearances….and the world has become better? We see by so many people a better world, cause of what they claim to be? No. So we see appearances and masks and untrue ways to oneself. Guru Nanak says, “Unless you know yourself by self analysis, the delusion cannot be set aside.” And unless we do not put all into practice in our daily life, to live up to our “good words”, “good deeds” (as we are so good…), all what we say remains empty, has no value. One ounce of practice has more value than 1000 tons of theory. So let us find ourselves in respect and harmony and let us have the courage to question ourselves too (as we are usually not afraid to criticize others, we should be ready to criticize ourselves with the same load of energy) and control our thoughts, words and deeds: Are they true? Necessary? ..and discharge them in kindness…

    Appearances and masks will then disappear….

    A good walk and work with ourselves.

    Thank you my dear friend in my heart.
    Silent Heart

    "Mi piace"

    • Thank you my dear Silent Heart
      Your words, your particular attention to look into the depths of the well of the mind, not just those who are so afraid of shadows, which is why people flee their faces but also, without giving the other as the cause of our discontents, the frustrations, but as a mirror, opportunities to learn how to change course to become better people is a really important contribution.
      So, surely, to have respect and self-questioning about the usefulness of words, reactions, how to be constructive is very important:
      It ‘a more effective distilled the essence of what a long endless chain of words that, in particular, can only move too much energy, distractions and not hit the target.
      It ‘important to remember that only we ourselves can practice and live what we are and no one is able to replace the one that only we possamo do.
      A big hug from heart to heart

      "Mi piace"


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