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Le stelle sono buchi da cui filtra la luce dell’infinito.


The stars are holes from which filters the light of the infinite.


Stille di speranza


Stille di speranza

Squarci tra nubi
stelle in cielo
a guidare per te
passi nel cuore
Itinerario di viaggio
mai segnato su mappe
dove stille di speranza
illuminano il cammino

05.04.2016 Poetyca

Drops of hope

Gashes between clouds
stars in the sky
to drive for you
Steps in the heart
Travel itinerary
never marked on maps
where drops of hope
light the way

04/05/2016 Poetyca

Stella di mare


Footprints in the Sand
as I look back
sweet presence that accompanies
in waves and sea foam

Breeze caressed my face
and turns away memories
a time was recorded
that makes me jump the heart

Slow advance
in the path that turns up
in precious emotions go
where everything is experienced in silence

Living fossil screaming
and a glimpse
the possibility of returning
where the sea welcomes

Harvested moments to breath
fled a wave
that has forgotten the embrace
which guarantees life

Grinding the sun grabs
and every color fades
drying the skin and heart
for now star

A star lost
that gives its form
tired and shines
where the salt corrodes

08.04.2010 Poetyca

La gentilezza – Kindness – Budda

La gentilezza

La gentilezza dovrebbe
il modo naturale
della vita
non l’eccezione.

Siddhärtha Gautama


Kindness should
the natural way
of life
not the exception.

Siddhärtha Gautama

Il devoto

Colui che non esulta né odia, che non si rammarica e non desidera,
che ha lasciato da parte così il bene come il male,
che Mi è teneramente devoto, costui Mi è caro.

Bhagavad Gita, 12, 17

One who does not rejoice nor hates, that he does not regret and do not want to,
who left aside so the good as evil,
which I tender devotion, he is dear to me.

Bhagavad Gita, 12, 17