Raccogli colori
e fanne arcobaleno
per dimenticare il buio.


Good morning

Collect colors
And rainbow fans
To forget the darkness.


15 thoughts on “🌸Buongiorno🌸

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      • there might not be darkness at all – light and darkness only some optical illusion. when attention came to be focussed on the theologia germanica it was said that the soul of Christ has two eyes: a left eye and a right one . In the beginning that right eye was fixed upon eternity and perfection and away from all failings, labour motions, griefs, pains and torments which happened only to the Outward Man. But the left eye beheld the creature and started to see difference within it; what was noble and what was not, what was good and what was not and upon such ideas was the Outward Man ordered. We cannot see as the left eye without blinding the right eye for the latter hinders the former’s vision and we cannot be the servant of two masters! But others (labelled Ranters) saw things differently. i am not defending their physical behaviour but some of their writings which i have read in the 17th century originals in london are stunningly beautiful – especially those of Clarkson writing in 1649. Clarkson went along the trajectory of Presbyterianism, Independency and the Baptists before arriving at Seekerism and then becoming attracted to the ‘My One Flesh’ Group. In 1650 he took up the practice of astrology as well. Clarkson had also been influenced by the antinomian Tobias Crisp. A further influence at this stage of his life seems to have been Robert Lancaster who in 1650 had the benefice of Quarley and in 1656 of Amport (both in the Test Valley area of Hampshire bordering upon Wiltshire); Lancaster was an important conduit for the publication of radical writings.
        I found his writing very moving and tried to build it into Matthew’s thinking in my novel…. From now onwards, light and darkness would be my equal companions; the lamb and the owl would both be by my side – the former at my knees, the latter above my shoulder; the ivy and the oak would be intertwined around me and between them they would mesh in me, their roots and branches encasing me, their restraints feeding me a new freedom . This would be my new way forward – exposed and open but devoid of judgement. I would cast out my existing judgements, perceptions and prejudices, leaving a void, a generative abyss from which all new things would no doubt emerge with the passage of time but that abyss would create its own new things with which to fill itself .

        Therefore, I emptied everything from my old life. I tipped my mind upside down as though it were an old chest which had once been full of my dearest possessions, things that I had once considered important, essential even, and had put together in one treasured place but, on opening it, I had discovered that it contained nothing but decrepit, rotted things: dust and fleas, just the cinders of some former life, now without relevance or meaning. I would not attempt to refill it myself. If the Lord wanted to fill my life, then he would do just that. If He did not care to do so, then it would remain empty. What fear of emptiness did I have anyway? ‘None’ was the answer to that. Why should I have fear? I looked at most people’s lives and they were completely empty. Therefore, I could have nothing to lose. They tried to fill every space – they made it their life’s work to do so – and yet those gaps never closed. The emptiness absorbed and consumed everything, transubstantiating it into nothing but darkness and voidness and then, at the end of life, it became all-enveloping again. So Death ensured the final inevitability of emptiness. That was because they insisted on treating the emptiness, that darkness, as their enemy. But they had declared war upon it; not it upon them. I would not fear the emptiness or the darkness and certainly I would be at peace with both; I would relish my presence within them and remain there as long as the Lord deemed it fit for me to do so. I would know when it was time to emerge into the light . That is a sense that I wished so much to develop: an intuitive ‘knowing’.

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