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La lucciola e la cornacchia

La lucciola e la cornacchia

Una cornacchia una volta correva fino ad una lucciola e stava per impadronirsi di lei. “Aspetta un momento, buon amico,” disse la lucciola, “e udrai qualcosa a tuo vantaggio.”
“Ah! Che cos’è?” disse la cornacchia.
“io sono soltanto una delle tante lucciole che vivono in questa foresta. Se desideri averle tutte seguimi”, disse la lucciola.
“Certamente!” disse la cornacchia.
Poi la lucciola la condusse ad un luogo nel bosco dove il fuoco era stato acceso da alcuni boscaioli, e indicando le scintille , disse:” Lì si trovano le lucciole si scaldavano intorno al fuoco. Una volta finito, io te ne mostrerò ancora un pò ad una distanza da questo luogo. ”
La cornacchia si lanciò sulle scintille, e cercò di ingoiarne alcune, ma la sua bocca si bruciò dallo sforzo, scappò via esclamando: “Ah, la lucciola è una piccola creatura pericolosa !”
Disse la lucciola con orgoglio, ” La saggezza rende malvagi ”

Storiella indiana


The Glow-Worm and the daw

A JACKDAW once ran up to a glow-worm and was about to seize him. “Wait a moment, good friend,” said the worm; “and you shall hear something to your advantage.”
“Ah! what is it?” said the daw.
“I am but one of the many glow-worms that live in this forest. If you wish to have them all, follow me,” said the glowworm.
“Certainly!” said the daw.
Then the glow-worm led him to a place in the wood where a fire had been kindled by some woodmen, and pointing to the sparks flying about, said, “There you find the glow-worms warming themselves round a fire. When you have done with them, I shall show you some more, at a distance from this place.”
The daw darted at the sparks, and tried to swallow some of them; but his mouth being burnt by the attempt, he ran away exclaiming, “Ah, the glow-worm is a dangerous little creature!”
Said the glow-worm with pride, “Wickedness yields to wisdom!”

Hindu Story

Negli occhi – In the eyes

Negli occhi

E’ negli occhi la pace
il dono che ti sfiora
…ecco che ora
scende dritto al cuore

E’ negli occhi il colore
del nulla o dell’infinito
-cerco per te-
e con il calore di una sera
e del rosso tramonto
ti porto ormai dentro
-non ho dubbi-
nessuna incertezza mi sfiora
nessuna paura mi ferma
è nei tuoi occhi
lo specchio che mi riflette.

12.07.2002 Poetyca

In the eyes

E ‘in the eyes peace
the gift that touches you
… Here now
goes straight to the heart

E ‘in the eye color
of zero or infinity
and the warmth of an evening
and the red sunset
I’ll take you inside now
-I have no doubt-
no uncertainty comes to mind
no fear stops me
is in your eyes
the mirror that reflects me.

12.07.2002 Poetyca

Essere Universo – To be universe – Albert Einstein

Essere Universo

”Un essere umano è parte di un intero chiamato Universo. Egli sperimenta i suoi pensieri e i suoi sentimenti come qualcosa di separato dal resto: una specie di illusione ottica della coscienza. Questa illusione è una specie di prigione. Il nostro compito deve essere quello di liberare noi stessi da questa prigione attraverso l’allargamento del nostro circolo di conoscenza e di comprensione, sino a includere tutte le creature viventi e l’interezza della natura nella sua bellezza.”

Albert Einstein


To be universe

“A human being is part of a whole called Universe. He experiences his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of knowledge and understanding, so as to include all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. ”

Albert Einstein

Liberi – Free


le nuvole
come i pensieri

Il vento
le sospinge

Cosa resta
del tempo
ormai andato?

Un pugno aperto
senza più
briciole da afferrare

01.01.2021 Poetyca

They flee
like thoughts

The wind
pushes them

What remains
of gone time

An open fist
without more
crumbs to grab

01.01.2021 Poetyca

Pace – Peace – Maha Ghosananda


Quando fai la pace
con te stesso,
tu fai la pace
con il mondo.

Maha Ghosananda

When you make peace
with yourself,
you make peace
with the world.

Maha Ghosananda

John Mellencamp – full album- the best of – greatest hits


John Mellencamp (Seymour, 7 ottobre 1951) è un musicista, cantante e compositore statunitense.

Conosciuto inizialmente con i nomi d’arte di Johnny Cougar, John Cougar e John Cougar Mellencamp, nella sua carriera ha venduto oltre 40 milioni di dischi, è stato nominato a 13 Grammy Awards vincendone uno.

Mellencamp è stato inoltre inserito nella Rock and Roll Hall of Fame il 10 marzo 2008.[2] Le sue più grandi influenze musicali sono state Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie ed iRolling Stones

John J Mellencamp,[1] also known as John Cougar Mellencamp (born October 7, 1951), is an American Rock singer-songwriter, musician, painter and occasional actor known for his catchy, populist brand of heartland rock which emphasizes traditional instrumentation. Mellencamp rose to superstardom in the 1980s while “honing an almost startlingly plainspoken writing style that, starting in 1982, yielded a string of Top 10 singles,”[2] including “Hurts So Good,” “Jack & Diane,” “Crumblin’ Down,” “Pink Houses,” “Lonely Ol’ Night,” “Small Town,” “R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.,” “Paper in Fire,” and “Cherry Bomb.” He has sold over 40 million albums worldwide and has amassed 22 Top 40 hits in the United States. In addition, he holds the record for the most tracks by a solo artist to hit number-one on the Hot Mainstream Rock Trackschart, with seven, and has been nominated for 13 Grammy Awards, winning one. Mellencamp released his latest album, Plain Spoken, on September 23, 2014 to widespread critical acclaim.

Mellencamp is also one of the founding members of Farm Aid, an organization that began in 1985 with a concert in Champaign, Illinois to raise awareness about the loss of family farms and to raise funds to keep farm families on their land. The Farm Aid concerts have remained an annual event over the past 30 years, and as of 2015 the organization has raised over $45 million to promote a strong and resilient family farm system of agriculture.

Mellencamp was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, 2008.[3] His biggest musical influences are Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie, James Brown and The Rolling Stones.[4] Said longtime Rolling Stone contributor Anthony DeCurtis: “Mellencamp has created an important body of work that has earned him both critical regard and an enormous audience. His songs document the joys and struggles of ordinary people seeking to make their way, and he has consistently brought the fresh air of common experience to the typically glamour-addled world of popular music.”[5]

The late Billboard magazine editor-in-chief Timothy White said in 2001: “John Mellencamp is arguably the most important roots rocker of his generation. John has made fiddles, hammer dulcimers, Autoharps and accordions lead rock instruments on a par with electric guitar, bass and drums, and he also brought what he calls ‘a raw Appalachian’ lyrical outlook to his songs. Mellencamp’s best music is rock ‘n roll stripped of all escapism, and it looks directly at the messiness of life as it’s actually lived. In his music, mortality, anxiety, acts of God, questions of romance and brotherhood, and crises of conscience all collide and demand hard decisions……This is rock music that tells the truth on both its composer and the culture he’s observing.

Una perla al giorno – Stephen R. Covey


“La maggior parte delle persone non ascolta con l’intento di capire;
  ascolta con l’intento di rispondere. “

   Stephen R. Covey
“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand;
they listen with the intent to reply.”

Stephen R. Covey