Immagine riflessa – Mirror image – Haiku

Immagine riflessa – Haiku

Noi siamo Luce
riflessa immagine
di quello che È

09.04.2017 Poetyca

Mirror image – Haiku

We are Light
reflected image
of what is

04/09/2017 Poetyca

9 thoughts on “Immagine riflessa – Mirror image – Haiku

  1. Unfortunately, burried under the influence and control of our mind. To “dis-cover” these dark layers put by the mind goes hand in hand in becoming more and more conscious – as light is consciousness, love, life and freedom and opposite: darkness is unconciousness, hate, death and slavery of the mind – with honesty, sincerity we have to through experiences (good and bad) to remover the layers of darkness one by one, to be the shining light what we all are inside…

    Thanks for sharing dear Dany
    Have a serene evening time

    "Mi piace"


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