Origami – Haiku

🌸Origami 🌸

Piego il foglio
e lancio origami
tra le nuvole

07.05.2020 Poetyca

I will fold the sheet
and I launch origami
between the clouds

07.05.2020 Poetyca

Illusione – Illusion – Haiku

🌸Illusione – Haiku🌸

Sono nuvole
a rubare il sole
dentro all’illusione

05.07.2018 Poetyca
🌸Illusion – Haiku

They are clouds
to steal the sun
inside the illusion

05.07.2018 Poetyca

Oltre – Beyond – Haiku

Oltre – Haiku

Se superate
tutte le apparenze
tu vedi oltre

11.02.2018 Poetyca

Beyond – Haiku

If you are passing
all present appearances
you can see beyond

11.02.2018 Poetyca