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John Martyn – Solid Air – 1973 (Full Album) (432 Hz)

John Martyn, nome d’arte di Iain David McGeachy (New Malden, 11 settembre 1948 – Kingston upon Thames, 29 gennaio 2009), è stato un cantautore e chitarrista scozzese.

Spaziava dal folk al blues al jazz e il suo stile era caratterizzato dall’uso della voce come strumento musicale

John Martyn, OBE (11 September 1948 – 29 January 2009), born as Iain David McGeachy, was a British singer-songwriter and guitarist. Over a 40-year career, he released 21 studio albums, working with artists such as Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Phil Collins. He was described by The Times as “an electrifying guitarist and singer whose music blurred the boundaries between folk, jazz, rock and blues”