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The Alan Parson’s Project

The Alan Parsons Project (Abbreviato APP) è stato un gruppo rock progressivo britannico nato nel 1975 per iniziativa di Alan Parsons ed Eric Woolfson, attivo, discograficamente parlando, dal 1976 sino ad inizio anni novanta, anche se il periodo di maggior successo si ferma al 1987.

The Alan Parsons Project were a British progressive rock band, active between 1975 and 1990,[1] consisting of Eric Woolfson and Alan Parsons surrounded by a varying number of session musicians and some relatively consistent band members such as guitarist Ian Bairnson, bassist and vocalist David Paton, drummer Stuart Elliott and vocalist Lenny Zakatek.

Behind the revolving line-up and the regular sidemen, the true core of the Project was the duo of Parsons and Woolfson. Woolfson was a songwriter by profession, but also a composer and pianist. Parsons was a successful producer and accomplished engineer. Almost all songs on the band’s albums are credited to “Woolfson/Parsons”.