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Un mondo fiorito – A world flourished

Un mondo fiorito

Profumo di gioia
aroma e fragranza
in abbraccio unico
pronto ad avvolgere
questo nostro mondo
Petalo dopo petalo
per colorare la vita
di attimi d’immenso
in un grande unico battito
per un solo Cuore

21.07.2012  Poetyca

A world flourished

Aroma of Joy
flavor and fragrance
to embrace only
Ready to wrap
our world
Petal after petal
to color the life
of moments of immense
in a large single heartbeat
only for a Heart

21.07.2012 Poetyca

Luce – Light


Sono in attesa
di Luce che spazzi
le ombre
suono armonico
a dare significato
al silenzio

Tu non temere
e sii profumo
mentre tutto cambia
e si fa varco
per dare linfa
a vita nuova

25.06.2021 Poetyca

I’m waiting
of Light that sweeps
harmonic sound
to give meaning
to silence

Don’t be afraid
and be perfume
while everything changes
and opens up
to give lymph
to new life

25.06.2021 Poetyca

Cambiamento – Change


Siamo figli della tempesta
alla deriva
in un mondo ormai
alla speranza
di un cambiamento
Cosa avete imparato?
Distruzione e morte
sono fumo
che intossica
e troppe le parole
senza reale volontà
di cambiare rotta
ed imparare dall’esperienza

27.01.2019 Poetyca


We are children of the storm
in a world now
to hope
of a change
What did you learn?
Destruction and death
I’m smoking
which intoxicates
and too many words
without real will
to change course
and learn from experience

27.01.2019 Poetyca

Senza domande – No questions

Senza domande
Ed è cercare
tra rigagnoli di tempo
il tuo esistere
oltre ogni allargato cerchio
che d’apparente
dona riflesso

E vita
che scorre
come pennellata lieve
come capriole di fumo
d’un respiro
per la danza delle ore

E’ scoperta
dell’attimo fuggente
per essere
senza più domande

05.05.2005 Poetyca
No questions
And is trying
between streams of time
your existence
extended beyond the circle
that of apparent
gives a reflection

And life
as mild stroke
somersaults as smoke
in the moment
of breath
for dance of the hours

It is discovery
of fleeting moment
to be
no more questions

05.05.2005 Poetyca

Il raccoglitore di stelle – The collector of stars

🌸Il raccoglitore di stelle🌸

A volte
di disincanto
rigano con pudore
questo volto
e la confusione
cambia le carte
del mazzo
facendo dimenticare
tutte le speranze
ed il profumo
della libertà
cosa stai
tra le linee
della mano
o se raccogli
ancora sogni
come stelle
nelle notti
ed io
verrò con te

16.01.2018 Poetyca
🌸The collector of stars

of disenchantment
they streak with modesty
this face
and the confusion
change the cards
of the deck
making you forget
all the hopes
and the perfume
of freedom
Tell me
what are you
looking for
between the lines
of the hand
or if you collect
still dreams
like stars
in the nights
and me
I will come with you

16.01.2018 Poetyca

Tra le nuvole – Between the clouds

🌸Tra le nuvole🌸

tra le nuvole
la sera

Nella notte
e stelle
ad illuminare

sempre nuove
e ringrazio

23.08.2021 Poetyca
🌸Between the clouds

Between the clouds
the evening

In the night
and stars
to illuminate

always new
and thank you

23.08.2021 Poetyca

Quel che siamo – What we are – François de La Rochefoucauld

🌸Quel che siamo🌸

Ci guadagneremmo di più
a farci vedere come siamo
che a cercar di apparire
quello che non siamo.

François de La Rochefoucauld
🌸What we are

We would make more money
to show us how we are
than trying to appear
what we are not.

François de La Rochefoucauld

Crosby e Nash In Concert


Crosby & Nash sono un duo musicale statunitense composto da David Crosby e Graham Nash. I due artisti sono anche attivi assieme nel supergruppo Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young fin dalla fine degli anni ’60.

Come duo, Crosby & Nash hanno lavorato nel corso degli anni ’70 e nella prima metà degli anni 2000.

Crosby & Nash

In addition to solo careers and within the larger aggregate of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the musical team of David Crosby and Graham Nash have performed and recorded regularly as a duo, mostly during the 1970s and the 2000s

After the success of Déjà Vu and the subsequent break-up of the quartet in the summer of 1970, all four members of CSNY released solo albums. Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name and Nash’s Songs for Beginners appeared in 1971 and missed the top ten. That autumn, the two good friends toured together as an acoustic duo to favorable reviews, one night from which would be released twenty-seven years later as Another Stoney Evening. Consequently, in 1972 the two decided to record an album, resulting in Graham Nash David Crosby, which reached #4 on the Billboard 200, ensuring that the two were still a viable draw without the more successful Stills and Young. Further work together later in 1972 was precluded by Crosby’s participation in The Byrdsreunion album recording sessions. In 1973, the pair joined Neil Young for the tour that would result in his Time Fades Away album, Crosby collaborated with electronica artist and Grateful Dead associate Ned Lagin, and Nash recorded a second solo album, Wild Tales. During this time, singularly and together they contributed backing vocals to various albums by associates in the California rock scene, including Stephen Stills, Harvest, Late for the Sky, and Court and Spark.

In 1974, both dutifully joined the Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young reunion tour and attempt at the recording of a new album in Hawaii, sessions for which had continued in fits and starts after commencing in late 1973. After failing to complete an album Crosby and Nash signed a contract with ABC Records. Presumably for contractual obligations to their old label, the cassette and 8-track tape versions of their ABC LPs were issued by Atlantic. Recording activity yielded two albums in 1975 and 1976 respectively,Wind on the Water and Whistling Down the Wire. In that bicentennial year, Stephen Stills and Neil Young invited the duo to a recording session for their album Long May You Run. Crosby and Nash were forced to leave the recording session because they had time constraints to complete their second album for ABC Records, so Stills and Young wiped their vocals, releasing it as The Stills-Young Band. Crosby & Nash vowed not to work with either Stills or Young again, that oath lasting not even a year as they reconvened with Stills for the second Crosby Stills & Nash album in 1977.

ABC released four albums by Crosby & Nash prior to its being bought by the MCA conglomerate in 1979. In addition to the two abovementioned studio albums, the concert document Crosby-Nash Live appeared in 1977, with a compilation The Best of Crosby & Nash in 1978. All four albums featured their backing band The Mighty Jitters, consisting of Craig Doerge, Tim Drummond, Danny Kortchmar, Russ Kunkel, and David Lindley. Session bassist Leland Sklar alternated with Drummond in the studio, and the line-up of Doerge, Kortchmar, Kunkel, and Sklar had previously recorded as The Section, providing the back up for the first Crosby & Nash album on Atlantic. Depending upon availability of the various members, the twosome would either tour as a full-blown electric-based aggregation or in a semi-acoustic format with Doerge and Lindley. When CSN reunited on a more or less permanent basis in 1977, Doerge followed the group to Miami for the CSN sessions, contributing to several songs and collaborating on writing the song “Shadow Captain” with Crosby. Crosby and Doerge continued to collaborate regularly until the early 1990s.

In 1979, Crosby & Nash attempted a new album for Capitol Records, but sessions were dampened by Crosby’s increased dependence upon freebase cocaine. Sessions eventually appeared on Nash’s Earth & Sky without any songs from Crosby. Crosby’s problems during the 1980s with drugs, and his prison time, precluded any duo activity with Nash, the pair appearing on the CSN and CSNY albums of that decade. The 1990 CSN album Live It Up started as a Crosby & Nash record, but like its predecessorDaylight Again which was initially sessions for a Stills & Nash effort, Atlantic Records refused to release anything that didn’t include the full trio.

In 2004, Crosby & Nash released their first original studio record since 1976 with the double-album Crosby & Nash on Sanctuary Records, which featured backing mostly by members of Crosby’s band CPR. A single CD version was released in 2006 when CSNY began its “Freedom of Speech ’06” tour. On the Graham Nash box set Reflections, released in February 2009, the last track “In Your Name” was recorded on 21 October 2007 by the same band used for the 2004 Crosby & Nash album, including David Crosby on backing vocals.

Una perla al giorno – Sofocle

mandala a
Se hai la pace della mente e l’appagamento,
la vecchiaia non è un peso intollerabile.
Senza di essi, sia la gioventù
sia la vecchiaia sono dolorose.


If you have peace of mind and contentment,
old age is not an intolerable burden.
Without them, both the youth
both old age are painful.


La nostra Bellezza – Our Beauty


La nostra Bellezza

Noi siamo un mondo a volte sommerso,

un reticolo di sensazioni, di percezioni

che spesso censuriamo nel timore

di tuffarci dentro un percorso sconosciuto.

Ogni persona è un giardino prezioso

che sa donare il profumo della Bellezza,

ma dobbiamo fare di tutto per manifestare

quel che siamo veramente.

29.01.2012 Poetyca

Our Beauty

We are a world overwhelmed at times,

a network of sensations and perceptions

often censor in fear

we dive into a path unknown.

Every person is a precious garden

that can give the scent of Beauty

but we must do everything possible to demonstrate

what we really are.

29.01.2012 Poetyca

Solo per te – Just for you

Solo per te

Non si potrebbe trattenere con le mani
l’acqua che dal fiume prorompe
non potresti andare controcorrente
e quello che è già e che forse conosci
ha motivo di essere per il respiro
per la vita e per essere più forti
solo insieme

Le spine che feriscono
troverebbero in te balsamo
le ombre che ingannano
svanirebbero con la tua luce
e la debolezza sarebbe
sorretta a te :
nuova forza per far fiorire la vita
che si nasconde

Attenderai la brezza del mattino
e si dischiuderà un fiore nuovo
il dono di profumo e colori
solo per te

20.06.2004 Poetyca

Just for you

You could not hold back with your hands
the water from the river bursts
you could not go against
and what is already know and that maybe
has reason to be for the breath
for life and to be stronger
only together

The thorns that hurt
find balm in you
the shadows that deceive
vanish with your light
and the weakness would
held up to you:
renewed strength for life to flourish
that hides

Wait for the morning breeze
and a new flower will unfold
the gift of scent and color
just for you

20.06.2004 Poetyca

L’amore – Love – Jiddu Krishnamurti


L’amore è una cosa strana, e quanto facilmente ne smarriamo la calda fiamma!
La fiamma è spenta, e resta il fumo, che riempie i nostri cuori e le nostre menti,
e i giorni trascorrono nelle lacrime e nell’amarezza.
La canzone è dimenticata, e le parole hanno perso il loro significato;
il profumo è svanito, e le nostre mani sono vuote.
Non sappiamo mai come mantenere la fiamma sgombra dal fumo, e il fumo soffoca
sempre la fiamma; ma l’amore non è della mente, non è nella rete dei pensieri,
non può essere cercato, coltivato, nutrito;
è lì quando la mente è silenziosa e il cuore è vuoto dalle creazioni della mente.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Love is a strange thing, and how easily they get lost the hot flame!
The flame is extinguished, and remains the smoke that fills our hearts and our minds,
and days spent in tears and bitterness.
The song is forgotten, and words have lost their meaning;
the smell is gone, and our hands are empty.
We never know how to keep the flames from the smoke clears, and the smoke suffocates
Always the flame, but love is not of the mind, not in the network of thoughts,
can not be sought, cultivated, nurtured;
is there when the mind is silent and my heart is empty from the creations of the mind.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Magia – Magic


in un gesto
e in una carezza
da accendere
luce negli occhi
anche senza parole
Tu lo riconosci
e lo scorgi intorno
e in ogni palpito
con il suo delicato
profumo d’amore

19.01.2019 Poetyca
🌸 Magic🌸

in a gesture
and in a caress
to be turned on
light in the eye
even without words
You recognize it
and you see it around
and in every heartbeat
with its delicate
perfume of love

19.01.2019 Poetyca

Urla nel silenzio – Scream in the silence

🌸Urla nel silenzio🌸

in uno scrigno
urla antiche
che oggi
il silenzio

Tutto arriva
e poi va
come onde
ad accarezzare
o ad accendere

Apro piano
cerco un appiglio:
Fuoco e vento
ogni livore

23.08.2021 Poetyca
🌸Scream in the silence

I enclose
in a casket
ancient screams
that today
they will tear apart

Everything comes
and then it goes
like waves
to caress
or to switch on

I open slowly
I’m looking for a foothold:
Fire and wind
every spite

23.08.2021 Poetyca

Quel che sei – What you are – Niccolò Machiavelli

🌸Quel che sei🌸

Ognuno vede quel che tu pari,
pochi sentono quel che tu sei.

Niccolò Machiavelli
🌸What you are

Everyone sees what you equal,
few feel what you are.

Niccolò Machiavelli

Sogni – Dreams


Ed intanto
scorrono le note
come battiti
di cuori
in attesa

Nuova alba
e nuovo
come se tutto
fosse in sospeso

La vita
ogni istante
tra le dita
ed occhi socchiusi

23.08.2021 Poetyca

And in the meantime
the notes scroll
like beats
of hearts

New sunrise
It’s new
as if everything
was pending

The life
every moment
between the fingers
and narrowed eyes

23.08.2021 Poetyca

Una perla al giorno – Jacob Böhme


Siamo tutti strumenti a corda nel concerto della gioia di Dio.

                                                    Jacob Böhme

We are all stringed instruments in the concert of God’s joy.

                                                     Jacob Böhme

Fiore di Cactus – Cactus Flower

Fiore di Cactus

Un fiore
nato dal nulla
tra sabbia
e caldo cocente
– eppure-

troppa acqua
lo danneggerebbe

Radici affondate
alla ricerca
del niente
tra ricordi
di spine

-muto dolore-

Nella fredda notte
Il dono
cammino e senso
era il deserto
per mettere in ginocchio
– le mie paure –

nel giorno ridente
sparge profumo
– alle spine
pennella colore –

Sono io
quel fiore!

24.06.2002 Poetyca

Cactus Flower

A flower
born from nothing
between sand
and scorching hot
– and yet-

too much water
the damage

Roots deep
of nothing
between memories
of thorns


In the cold night
The gift
path and direction
was the desert
to cripple
– my fears –

in sunny days
spreads fragrance
– thorns
color brush –

I am me
that flower!

24.06.2002 Poetyca

Verità – Truth


Scivolano attese
come gocce
di pioggia
tra suggestioni
di parole
e tangibili
e tu dimmi cosa resta?
Il vento strappa
ogni petalo
profumo distillato
si dona
come verità
e mai perduta

12.01.2018 Poetyca

Expectations are slipping
like drops
among suggestions
of words
and tangible
and you tell me what’s left?
The wind rips
every petal
distilled perfume
It gives itself
as truth
and never lost

12.01.2018 Poetyca

Rubare un Angelo – Stealing an Angel

Rubare un Angelo

Nessuno mai potrebbe
rubare un Angelo
a nessuno infatti appartiene
e riesce a volare leggero
dove un cuore puro lo accoglie
Dove non nascono cortine di fumo
ad avvolgere il suo sentire
Nel buio la carezza leggera
che sfiora senza far rumore
nel buio si scioglie ogni istante
di tempo fermato e solo chi attende
senza mai nulla chiedere
facendo tacere i rumori della mente
lo sente vicino con la voce nel cuore

25.08.2003 Poetyca

Stealing an Angel
No one could ever
stealing an Angel
it belongs to none
lightweight and can fly
where a pure heart receives him
Where not born smokescreens
to wrap her feel
In the darkness the light caress
nearly without a sound
every moment in the darkness melts
Time stopped and only those who wait
without ever asking for anything
silencing the noise of the mind
closely with the voice he hears in the heart
25.08.2003 Poetyca

Rubare un Angelo – Stealing an Angel

Rubare un Angelo

Nessuno mai potrebbe
rubare un Angelo
a nessuno infatti appartiene
e riesce a volare leggero
dove un cuore puro lo accoglie
Dove non nascono cortine di fumo
ad avvolgere il suo sentire
Nel buio la carezza leggera
che sfiora senza far rumore
nel buio si scioglie ogni istante
di tempo fermato e solo chi attende
senza mai nulla chiedere
facendo tacere i rumori della mente
lo sente vicino con la voce nel cuore

16.07.2005 Poetyca

Stealing an Angel

No one ever could
steal an Angel
it belongs to anyone
and can fly light
where it receives a pure heart
Where not born smokescreens
to wrap his feeling
In the darkness the light caress
nearly noiselessly
in the darkness melts every moment
time stopped and only those who wait
without ever asking for anything
silencing the noise of the mind
feels close to his voice in the heart

16.07.2005 Poetyca

Ragazzo dei sogni – Boys’ dreams

Nor will people say, ‘Here it is,’ or ‘There it is,’ because the kingdom of God is within you. Gospel Luke 17:21

Ragazzo dei sogni

Tenerezza sprigiona
il tuo silenzio
che osserva muto
il fumo che sale
da un cuore seduto
tra sagome di cartone

Quanti sorrisi ha il tuo volto
ragazzo che sogni?
e quante mani
ti cercano al buio?

Dipingerai anche l’aurora
appena la luna smetterà
di confondere i tuoi occhi
con aliti argentei

E non sono lacrime
sono solo stelle
che si donano

19.02.2004 Poetyca

Boys’ dreams

Tenderness releases
your silence
that looks dumb
the smoke that rises
from a heart sitting
between shapes of cardboard

How many smiles have your face
boy who dreams?
and how many hands
you seek in the dark?

It also paints the aurora
just stop the moon
to confuse your eyes
with silvery breaths

And there are tears
only stars
who give themselves

19.02.2004 Poetyca

Sprazzi di vita – Spurts of life

Sprazzi di vita

tra le nuvole
resta la luce
come in attesa
Un soffio leggero
un profumo nuovo
tutte le paure
Sprazzi di vita
ed anche oggi
tutto ricomincia

23.12.2017 Poetyca

Spurts of life

between the clouds
the light remains
as waiting
A light breath
a new fragrance
all the fears
Spurts of life
and even today
everything starts again

23.12.2017 Poetyca

Danza di nuvole – Dance of Clouds

🌸Danza di nuvole🌸

Oggi sono
e storie

di fumo
per chi
non vuol capire

se vuoi raccogliere

Di fronte
ad ostacoli
e vento
tu non temere

con nuvole
l’Inverno fugge

10.10.2020 Poetyca
🌸Dance of Clouds

Today They are
and new

of smoke
for who does not want
to understand

You sowing
if you want
to collect life

In front of
do not fear

with dancing
winter flees

10.10.2020 Poetyca